what ports does psexec use
... By default PowerShell will use the following ports for communication (They are the same ports as WinRM) That includes anything that can be run on the command line you can change registry values, run scripts and utilities, or connect from that PC to another one. It says WMI ports are. I downloaded the free PDQ Deploy but with the la... | 14 replies | Software Deployment & Patching PowerShell vs. PsExec for Remote Command ... PsExec does not provide an easy way for users to access ... PowerShell vs. PsExec for Remote Command Execution; A new ransomware variant is sweeping across the globe known as Petya. Solution: You might have a low tech way of doing this without intercepting the traffic. Port 445 is needed to run a PSExec command so it is a catch-22 however I am trying to establish if there is any other way to enable this port remotely without having to use PSExec based on the original scenario outlined, other than physically visiting all clients. The only legal way I see is ssh/telnet to that computer and start netstat on that remote site. Hi, I would like to use psexec to run an agent on all machines on the network. Please check the section How does the ransomware spread? When I turn off the firewall, the psexec I use latest version of PsExec, ... Access denied using psexec when connect to remote server. The end goal being we want to use static ports for WMI because we need to open it in the physical firewall between subnets. PsExec. What port does PowerShell remoting use? I am trying to figure out how to uninstall a package (using a GUID) on a remote computer using PSEXEC. Symantec helps consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world. 6 What is the #1 best example of Technical Documentation that you have ever seen? One method that can be useful in this situation is to use PsExec to run a backdoor executable on the system, ... PsExec and the Nasty Things It Can Do. - Question using psexec to install remotely using both exe and msi files. What port does psexec run across? You need an admin Solution: Use the Microsoft SysInternals tool psexec (Google is your friend) combined with the command-line netsh to control the firewall. How can I determine the OS of a remote computer, given its computer name? download PSTools from MS then use PSExec to connect to the PC while Psexec issues a remote procedure call to start up the specified process on the foreign machine with the credentials provided. PsExec is probably the most powerful tool in the kit, as you can execute any command in your local command prompt just like executing it on the remote computer. I'm trying to run a batch file on a bunch of remote computers. Share Threat Hunting Services Are Now a Basic Necessity on Twitter Share Threat Hunting Services Are Now a Basic Necessity on Although traditionally 445 is used for SMB and 135 is used for DCOM, both can be used by RPC depending on the specifics of the protocol and the objects that are being remotely used. I've noticed that when I run psexec netuser on a machine with win2k3 that has firewall turned on, it says I have to enable admin$ share. What was it that made it so effective for you? SmartPCFixer is a fully featured and easy-to-use system optimization suite. Daniel Sep 3 '13 at 2:30 in the blogpost.